"Radiation therapy can be more time-efficient, less costly, less painful and less psychologically distressing to a patient. But surprisingly, many dermatologists are unaware of contemporary radiotherapy treatments for skin cancer, and, as a result, do not advise patients of these options or recommend a consultation with a radiation oncologist."   See more at: http://appliedradiationoncology.com/articles/july-19-radiation-therapy-for-nonmelanoma-skin-cancer-an-alternative-to-disfiguring-surgery#sthash.nfiINN3c.dpuf

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   When you offer the SRTeam approach to your patients, you immediately are providing the same high quality of care as the leading cancer care centers in the world.

AlderMed™ is committed to being the leader in non-surgical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. We offer the Oncologist, Dermatologists and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons a cost-effective model to bring Photoelectric Therapy into your practice, providing their patients with point-of-care treatments which produce high cure rates, low recurrence rates, reduce complications associated with surgery, and no scaring.

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Let our experts show you how to achieve the highest profit per minute of your time so you can see more patients while your patients are treated by the experts. Joint Venture opportunities welcomed.

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95% Cure rate in a quick an painless procedure that can be performed easily at your physician's office.

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