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Add SRT to Your Practice

Add the SRTeam

AlderMed™ is committed to being the leader in non-surgical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. We offer the Dermatologists and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons a cost-effective model to bring Superficial Radiation Treatment (SRT) into your practice, providing their patients with point-of-care treatments which produce high cure rates, low recurrence rates, reduce complications associated with surgery, and no scaring.

Offer NMSC Treatment Services to your Practice

SRT-100 Superficial Radiation Therapy System Qualified Radiation Technician Staff Medical Physicist Treatment Docimitrist Complete SRT-100 Maintenance Program
We provide the best in superficial radiation therapy systems, the SRT-100 provides a 98% cure rate in a quick and painlesss procedure.
Radiation Technologist
Our team of highly trained radiation technologists extend your excellence in patient care, treating your patients as their own.
Medical Physicist
Our staff physicist plan, inspects and certifies each installation to ensure that all sites meet state and local regulations. We file regulatory paperwork and ensure a safe work environment.
Each patient treatment prescription is reviewed by our staff dosimetrist to provide validation of correct fractional treatments, as well as generate documentation important to proper billing.
All hardware maintenance is provided by AlderMed, removing the hidden cost of providing patient service. A scheduled maintenance program keeps equipment working at peak performance

Stark III Compliant

This Stark III compliant service model enables Dermatologists and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons to deliver better patient care, retain patient referrals and loyalties while increasing the value of their practice.

AlderMed™ service makes it possible for non-melanoma skin cancer patients to receive the highest possible cure rates, lowest recurrence rates, and no scaring all in the convenience of their clinician’s office. We improve the quality of care for the patient while improving the value of the clinician’s practice.